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Winter Solstice Day Retreat
- Attune, Renew, Create - 

Bioenergetic Scent Journey, Yoga, Weaving Meditation and Nature Reconnection


On the eve of the Winter Solstice, join us for a day of slowing right down in the peaceful natural setting of Forest Farm, a regenerative rainforest corner of Bunjdalung land. 

Attune and reconnect with your true Nature while creating your own intentional aromatherapeutic perfume to carry with you into the renewal of the new season and  exploring a tactile form of meditation through basket weaving.


Start the day with an hour of slow flow yoga beneath the elm tree with Ayla, followed by a Winter Solstice embodiment meditation to awaken your creative power and an exercise to attune to your body's innate wisdom.


Embark on a Scent Journey with aromatherapist and energy healer, Theme Rains to create your own personal intentional perfume made with 100% pure Certified Organic bioenergetic essential oils and learn how to apply it to key acupressure points to reduce stress and evoke wellbeing. Expertly crafted to support you to embody and connect with your inner knowing, the Scent Journey will teach you how to ‘listen’ to your body’s innate intelligence as you intuitively journey to a scented blend that perfectly resonates with your true self and present moment intention.

After a warm and nurturing vegan lunch and a walk around the beautiful grounds, you’ll be led by Kelly Evans from Ecosophy Sustainable Arts through a 'Coiling with Raffia' workshop.

A simple and relaxing basketry coiling technique, using sustainably harvested and eco-dyed raffia, is a form of tactile meditation. Focusing on slow, repetitive hand motion,  it serves as  a powerful means of reducing stress, calming the nervous system, and improving focus and clarity. The bonus is that you learn to make beautiful vessels, and in the process unlock and explore your own creativity. You will leave with the skills and materials to continue this practice at home.

Date: Sunday, June 20th, 2021

Time: 9am-4pm

Venue: Forest Farm, Tintenbar (Byron Shire)

Investment: $195

Giving Back: Proceeds for use of Forest Farm go to native bush regeneration and 

4% of profits from ticket sales go to fund education for disadvantaged kids.

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