Employee Wellness 

Tactile meditation, a powerful alternative to conventional meditation, incorporates tactile distraction as a means of enabling restorative brain rests, thereby reducing stress and cognitive fatigue.

Our approach to tactile meditation also has the potential to stimulate creativity, the benefits of which are well established.

We are in the process of developing an easily accessible employee wellness package inclusive of instructional materials and resources required for a simple basketry coiling technique. We will be offering exclusive benefits to our founding subscribers.


Please get in touch if you would like to be notified of details pre-release. 

Corporate Workshops 

Our workshops provide unique team building experiences, with the added benefit of equipping your employees with new stress busting, productivity boosting meditation techniques,  and an avenue to explore their innate creativity.

We offer half or full day events and can collaborate with local providers to create a multifaceted program, either in your workspace or at a venue we can arrange for you.

Find our full list of available workshops here.