100gm Ghost Gum

100gm Ghost Gum


Reminiscent of our beautiful ghost gums, this bundle contains pale grey tones.

Sustainably dyed with fallen Eucalyptus leaves and bark. 


Only one available in this size and colour.

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    Current superior, sustainably harvested Madagasacan raffia. 

    Small batch, slowly and sustainably hand dyed in Byron.

    Carefully collected, cleaned and sundried dyestuff include onion skins, avocado seeds and skins, fallen leaves and bark.

    Dye extraction is a slow and lengthy process using a combination of slow heating and solar extraction. Exhausted dyebaths are used to water the garden, and the solid materials composted. 

    No chemicals or synthetics are involved. 

    All raffia is sorted and graded before being bundled ready for the dye pots, and then smoothed and rebundled after the dyeing process is complete . This is a lengthy and messy process! 

    These bundles are hand dyed in small batches, so while the basic materials and colours will remain consistent, there will be natural variation in shades and tones. Please keep this in mind if you are planning a large project. 

    Please also be aware that all natural dyes will fade in direct sunlight. 

    Enjoy your bundles, and know that with each purchase you are doing your extra bit to support sustainability.